RAW : Movie Review

Romeo (John Abraham), a bank clerk is enlisted by India’s outside knowledge organization — the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). They trust he’s an ace of camouflage and can work as Akbar, India’s covert specialist in Pok (Pakistan involved Kashmir) amid the occasions paving the way to the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

What happens when a covert operative has his spread blown? Does he keep on being an esteemed nationalist who once served his nation by putting his life in peril or does he become an obligation? Would survival lead him up to being a twofold specialist, denounce any and all authority or maybe proceed onward? What decision does he have and what decision does he make? Clearly roused by obvious occasions, Robby Grewal’s film could have been a fascinating human/mental show that comprehends the mind, enthusiastic change of uncelebrated yet truly great individuals (spies). Be that as it may, it takes the ordinary course and consolidations enthusiasm and secret activities spine chiller, eclipsing the human part of the story. Raazi appropriately took advantage of this domain without capitulating to patriotism.

While RAW isn’t jingoistic either, it’s a well-planned however dreary film that neglects to hold your consideration. What you get is a dreary ensemble dramatization that needs feeling and strain. The content may have looked intriguing on paper with a lot of sensational turns. In any case, defective execution, dull narrating, listless pace and unrealistic composition, makes this one a smidgen difficult to grasp. You welcome the straightforward account yet it battles to keep you locked in.

John Abraham, Sikander Kher and Jackie Shroff (who plays the head of RAW) give tolerable exhibitions. Jackie’s feeling of style emerges as usual. Crude has its minutes however is unpleasant around the edges. The peak is venturesome and you have to suspend your doubt, on the off chance that you intend to watch it.

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